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Software Development

Software Development

We have been developing custom software solutions for clients to fill the gap of what is commercially available (the one size fits all mentality) and what the needs of the business dictate. Alot of times commercially available software only fills 60-70% of the businesses needs.

We build a solution for our clients that will work the way they work. From work flow to themes to special cases and permissions can be implemented for custom solution just for you and your business.

Web Apps

With web apps, they run in a web browser like any other webpage. It gives the most versatility for users as it will automatically scale from desktops to tablets to mobile phones if you wish. Because of the potential amount of data, we can also limit sections on phones (or tablets) for functionality, privacy or any reasons needed should it be needed.

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

We also can develop a mobile app to compliment your desktop/web app, or a standalone app might be what you are looking for. A native app has many advantages over a web browser based app, mainly for functionality. If this is something you would like to discuss, please contact us to discuss your project.

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